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17 октября 2017, 08:11

U Mobile offers the iPhone 8 from RM2,140 on postpaid contract

U Mobile iPhone 8 Pre-order

Apart from the big 3, the iPhone 8 is also available from U Mobile. The orange telco is now accepting pre-orders with the iPhone 8 going from as low as RM2,140 while the iPhone 8 Plus can be yours from RM2,575 with a 24-month contract.

U Mobile usually offers the latest iPhone on both prepaid and postpaid but now it looks like they are only offering the iPhone 8 with just two postpaid plans during the pre-order period.

Below is the iPhone 8 bundled pricing on U Mobile contract:

iPhone 8 64GB
Postpaid i90 – RM2,500
Postpaid i130 – RM2,140

iPhone 8 256GB
Postpaid i90 – RM3,160
Postpaid i130 – RM2,800

iPhone 8 Plus 64GB
Postpaid i90 – RM2,935
Postpaid i130 – RM2,575

iPhone 8 Plus 256GB
Postpaid i90 – RM3,595
Postpaid i130 – RM3,235

There’s an upfront payment of RM600 for i90 and RM960 for i130 plan required during sign up which will be rebated back to your bill. Another surprise is that U Mobile isn’t offering the iPhone 8 on their UPackage and U Microcredit instalment programs. Perhaps they will offer that option later when the iPhone 8 is officially released on 20 October 2017.

According to their FAQ, there’s a special pre-order campaign for U Special customers. For those who have received their U Special SMS or email, the first 10 to pre-order an iPhone 8/8 Plus will be eligible to get an iPhone 6 32GB Gold for free. This will be delivered together with your iPhone 8 pre-order.

U Mobile’s pre-order campaign is running from now until 16 October 2017. Deliveries will start from 20 October onwards subject to stock availability. If you’re interested, head on over to U Mobile’s iPhone 8 page.

Source: http://www.soyacincau.com/2017/10/13/u-mobile-iphone-8-malaysia-pre-order-postpaid-contract/